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Label printing and production unit is modernized

Nouvelle imprimante numérique Vynex

Vynex has just invested in a digital printer allowing more flexibility and optimum print quality.

The company has en integrated and specializes printing plant (small and large series of lables) : We produce in Thelonne (08- Ardennes) all local (internal packing / ESAT) and international needs that we send to our Packing Centers in Asia.

Until now Vynex had a traditional printing facility that uses flexo and offset printing.

Using now digital, we will print from a computer file that we send directly to the printer. This new technique allows printing without a prior step and without the need to create a specific tool. So, it has many advantages:

  • Execution speed : Elimination of tool creation time
  • Economy: There is no longer any production cost associated with creating resin for transferring.
  • Time saving : Elimination of the transferring step. With our traditional printing press, a label was printed in two steps: First, printing the bottom of the label. Then, the printing of dimensions, quantities, bar code and technical values ​​specific to each product in the white reserve provided for this purpose. The technical constraints were therefore multiple and the creativity of our graphic designer could be slowed down. With digital printing, we print the final label in one go.
  • Tests carried out on all types of paper and even on certain plastic films in order to maintain and improve our adaptability. We respond to each request from our customers by providing, internally, the graphic creation and design of labels for third parties. Digital printing therefore allows us more flexibility.
  • Print quality: This innovation guarantees high print quality thanks to modern high-performance equipment.

The digital transition now allows us to exploit a much larger scope of the possible with great operating flexibility and finish of up to requirements of our customers.

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