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A new look for ROCKET

ROCKET change de look

Our logo has evolved since the brand was first launched back in 1995. These changes have come at key moments in the life of the brand.

The brand is born with the launch of the very first non-split screw.


A new logo is unveiled to celebrate the brand’s 10th birthday, featuring ROCKET’s traditional colours (black, red and yellow), only with the design and the star remodelled. The brand also makes its television début, with an advert helping to build its reputation.


This new logo is to coincide with the revamp of the ROCKET website (version 3) and a modernisation of the brand’s image (logo + all communication materials: packaging, POS, catalogues, etc.). The new logo is designed to rejuvenate ROCKET’s image as a brand in the modern era, without losing our identity and the fundamentals that we’re known for. The new logo reflects the brand’s roots and historic values while signalling a new dynamic.

Our image may have changed, but the quality of our products remains the same. You’ll get a chance to see our new image in shops soon.

The change of logo is accompanied by a redesign of its ROCKET website

ROCKET is also launching its new ROCKET site where we help you find the right product for your timber construction project. You will also find DIY advice, tutorials and decoration inspirations as well as all the news related to our products and the regulations in force in the building sector.

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