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Specialists in fasteners for professional distribution

Vynex first started to move into the trade in the 1990's, and we are now a major player in the market for Fasteners via professional distribution in France.

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Vnyex - the specialists’ choice

We work tirelessly to develop our range of products in order to meet the needs of trade professionals. Three concepts sum up our approach:

Quality, skill and technical expertise



The highest standards when it comes to product finishes, respecting our design briefs and rigorous quality control. Building professionals need high-performance consumables that guarantee speed of execution and a high-quality service.



 In-depth knowledge of distribution networks and a range of products tailored to meet the needs of distributors and their clients.


Technical expertise

Constant dedication to develop innovative products.

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A ROCKET product for every project

We offer a range of screws designed to provide solutions for wood assemblies and fastening. There are a number of different ROCKET products, available in various different types of packaging (cardboard boxes and vybacs):

vis ROCKET bois et agglo


Countersunk (yellow zinc plated steel, zinc plated steel and A2 stainless steel) and round head (zinc plated)

Vis ROCKET charpente

Screws for frame

Washer head and countersunk head (zinc plated steel)

tirefond ROCKET

Hexagonal woodscrews

Hexagonal head (yellow zinc plated and zinc plated steel)

Vis penture ROCKET

Hinge screws

Cylindrical head (yellow zinc plated steel, black coated steel and A2 stainless steel)

Vis terrasse ROCKET inox a2

Terrasse screws

Countersunk (A2 stainless steel)

Cladding screws

Countersunk (A2 stainless steel)

Wood flooring screws

Countersunk (zinc plated steel)

The ROCKET screw is one of the most popular screws among professionals in France

Most recognised brand among PRO trades that use the most wood and chipboard screws (carpenters and joiners), 81% assisted recognition*

Number one among carpenters and joiners in France: 26% of carpenters and joiners use ROCKET screws*

* Research carried out by XERFI in 2022 among 900 carpentry and joinery companies.


Zinc-plated steel ROCKET wood and chipboard screws in cardboard boxes designed for professionals !

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