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Our commitment to quality

Our main values are a sense of service, respecting our commitments and concern for the quality of our products and services - this is how we ensure customer satisfaction.

The quality of our products

Service qualité Vynex - Contrôle produits

We conduct regular quality audits in order to ensure quality standards are met. Our flagship product, the ROCKET screw, was designed internally, enabling its technical characteristics to be optimised (speed, tightening torque, breakaway torque, pull-out resistance).

As part of the CE marking to which ROCKET screws are subject, quality controls are carried out in the factory on each manufacturing batch, with a batch number used for product tracing purposes. All of our CE marked products undergo this same process.

Many of our fasteners also meet EU standards, primarily concerning dimensions (DIN or NF standards). In addition to following these standards, specific classes of screws (4.6, 8.8, etc.) must meet minimum mechanical resistance levels, which is verified for each batch.

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Customer and client satisfaction


Our number one goal is providing our customers and clients with the best possible experience, which is why we put them at the centre of everything we do. Across all of the group’s departments, there is one single priority: customer and client satisfaction at every stage of the value chain.

AFAQ ISO 9001 house

Our VYNEX and ADV logistics processes at Donchery are ISO 9001 certified. This certification provides guarantees in terms of quality throughout the whole organisation. In order to obtain ISO 9001 certification, companies must demonstrate that they have introduced a continuous improvement system.


In the context of ISO 9001 certification, since 2001, we have been using customer satisfaction surveys to measure performance levels and to improve the quality of services each year, across all aspects of the value chain.


Retail outlet service

In supermarkets, our merchandisers provide different levels of support for retail outlets, ranging from taking orders and getting products on shelves to promoting sales.

A concern for the human side of things

The group’s packaging centres, plus all of our suppliers, must comply with the applicable national and international laws, principles, standards and regulations in all of the countries in which they operate.

Our packaging centres and our sourcing office are responsible for ensuring our own suppliers and subcontractors meet this commitment.

During the accreditation process for our suppliers and their factories, we take into account the supplier’s commitment to quality and social responsibility: the prohibition of child labour, the prohibition of forced labour, tackling discrimination and improper treatment, working hours, wages and services, health and safety.  We also keep a close eye on gender equality within the group: 51% women and 49% men.

Our WOMEN / MEN equality index is 85% for Vynex and 94% for Tréfilaction.

Ideally, these factories should be ISO 9001 certified, with grades that meet ICS or BSCI social responsibility protocols (minimum of grade C).

In order to ensure strict adherence with our requirement criteria and principles on the part of our suppliers, we conduct compliance audits in accordance with international standards and/or national or local legislations.

We are committed to respecting and protecting the environment. Each year, we strive to reduce our environmental impact through initiatives such as offering our customers and clients products that comply with REACH or ROHS legislation.

We take strides to ensure that all substances that could prove harmful for the environment are identified.

At our warehouses, waste is currently sorted into three categories:

Our goal is to develop different solutions for cutting down on our waste or finding better uses for it.