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Suki group acquires VT Fastware (VTF)

Suki group (, Facido, DBM.S) acquires the French group VT Fastware (Vynex, Tréfilaction, FTV-Asia). Both, suki group and VTF,…

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Conférence de presse - Relocalisation en présence préfet des Ardennes Alain Bucquet

Technical fasteners manufacturing relocation project

VYNEX Is a company established in the Ardennes (Thelonne, Donchery, Blagny) since 1920. It employs 180 people and generates €…
Réorganisation d'un poste de travail - Convoyeur Vynex

Reorganization of a workstation to reduce accidents!

Vynex is rethinking the organization of a workstation (conveyor exit / palletizing) to reduce some of the physical constraints…
Machine de façonnage VYNEX (découpe)

After the digital printer, Vynex acquires a converting machine

Two months after the arrival of its digital printer, Vynex acquired a shaping machine (cutting and perforating labels, cards, etc.)…
ROCKET change de look

A new look for ROCKET

Our logo has evolved since the brand was first launched back in 1995. These changes have come at key moments…
Nouvelle imprimante numérique Vynex

Label printing and production unit is modernized

Vynex has just invested in a digital printer allowing more flexibility and optimum print quality. The company has en…
Stand premier salon digital ROCKET

VYNEX attends in its first digital trade show.

This week, VYNEX attended its first digital trade show, the coronavirus restrictions meaning this was the only way of staging…