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Our expertise

Our mission : We are a value-added service provider for distribution (supermarkets, DIY shops, trade materials and hardware supplies) that is active at all stages of the value chain.

Product design, purchasing and sourcing

Caractéristiques de la vis bois et agglo Rocket
vybac vis bois et agglo Rocket
équipe achats Vynex

R&D: Promoting creativity in the quest for performance

The ROCKET screw was designed by our R&D department in 1995, becoming the first non-split screw on the market

  • Owing to its unique shape and hard-wearing design, the ROCKET screw is the number one choice of carpenters and joiners in France.
  • It underwent an evolution in 2018, with certain features improved in order to boost performance even further.

In 1991, we designed the VYBAC, an innovative, intelligent packaging solution for our distributor clients that sets us apart from the competition.

  • A storage solution
  • Reusable for DIY enthusiasts and professionals
  • Recyclable, making it environmentally-friendly

Purchasing and sourcing: Versatility – at the heart of what we do

Over the past 40 years, our purchasing teams have developed skills in “sourcing”, in both Asia and Europe.

  • Direct sourcing: Raw products are sourced directly from production. Packaging operations come at a later stage.
  • Optimised, responsible sourcing: Quality, expertise, ethics, access to raw materials, quality and social processes, equipment, taxes, economic policies…all of this is taken into account when it comes to selecting our sources. We have specialist laboratories carry out regular tests on the products we buy in order to ensure they meet our specifications.
  • Secure sourcing: We routinely employ diversified, multi-country sourcing solutions in order to guard against the risk of dependency or any breaks in the supply chain. Duplicates are kept of all key products.

The Supply Chain: Expertise in manufacturing, quality and logistics

Service logistique Vynex à Donchery

The main job of our supply chain department is to ensure optimum availability of our products for our clients, maintaining a service rate of 96%.

“Manufacturing expertise”

  • 3 packaging centres in Asia (Taiwan, China, Vietnam), close to our product sources and drawing on our expertise (quality processes, industrial equipment transfers, workshops). The packaging centres in Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam) and Haiyan (China) belong to the VT Fastware group.
  • 1 automated internal packaging centre (Thelonne – Ardennes – 08) for cardboard boxes (weight-pack), plus a semi-automated packaging centre for small packages (bags, cases, etc.).
  • We also integrate local packaging through social enterprises, particularly in the Ardennes and Grand-Est regions, as well as in Hérault.

A highly versatile, specialist label printing unit (small and large print runs): All of our manufacturing for both local and international needs is carried out in Thelonne (08-Ardennes), with items then sent to our packaging centres in Asia.

“Quality control expertise”

We systematically carry out quality control upon delivery of goods, checking both the products themselves and the packaging (visual checks, size checks, etc.). We also have specialist laboratories carry out regular tests on the products sent to us in order to ensure they meet our specifications.

“Logistical expertise”:

Logistics: storage, order preparation and shipping:

  • Blagny = storage centre (Vynex), incorporating quality control upon delivery.
    Surface area: 7,800 m2 (all on racks)- 11,000 pallet locations
  • Donchery = order preparation and shipping centre (Vynex)
    Surface area: 15,000 m²
  • Garons = Tréfilaction logistics centre and warehouse
    Surface area: 10,000m²

We deliver to storage warehouses, allocated cross-dock warehouses and shops in France, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Romania, Cyprus, overseas France and Africa.

Distribution: Tailor made support

Linéaire vis ROCKET boites_carton

In order to provide the highest possible level of service in shops, our dedicated teams (marketing/merchandising) provide support to each individual network (supermarkets, DIY superstores, trade/hardware shops) when it comes to:

• Deciding on the best possible range for each shelf display, working with our clients to jointly devise and adapt planograms.
• In-store communication through specific point of sale information and point of sale advertising, helping to make product ranges easier to understand and to make shelf displays clear and attractive.

Linéaire bricolage en GSA

Supermarket shelf display

Rack vis bois et agglo ROCKET

Professional ROCKET shelf display

DIY superstore shelf display

DIY superstore shelf display