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Specialists in Hardware fittings for sale in DIY superstores

Vynex, who deal in Fasteners (screws, bolts, nails, etc.) and furniture Hardware for sale DIY superstores, provide solutions tailored to meet the needs of distributors and their customers.

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FASTENERS: Our extensive ranges are designed to meet the needs of our clients and customers

When it comes to Fasteners, we offer extensive ranges in different types of packaging to meet the needs of our clients and customers, either using our own products or products manufactured by our clients:

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We provide an extensive range, with solutions for all wood assembly and fastening projects.



On request, we can develop specific products for our clients. We can meet any request you might have, whether it’s a product, a type of packaging or specific point of sale advertising. We work with our clients to develop a full concept.

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We deal with all types of packaging (bags, vybacs, cardboard boxes, etc.)

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Hardware : A strategy putting innovation first

A market player in hardware fittings market since 1967, Vynex recently reinforced its offer, providing a range of new additions. Our marketing processes include :

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  • Selecting high-quality products, sourced from the best specialists in Europe and worldwide to provide technical solutions for each type of requirement, ranging from joints, latches and runners to limit stops and hooks.
  • Optimising products to suit each size of display shelf (from 0.50 m to 18 m) using Spaceman planograms, helping to make the most of the space available.
  • Educational point-of-sale information and packaging, with different colours used to divide up the range, and instructions on fitting and use on the back of each product, making decisions easier for consumers.
  • A catalogue showcasing our entire product range.
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Specialist in DIY products for sale in supermarkets

Specialist in Fasteners for professional distribution

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