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Providing tailor made services, no matter the complexity

The VT FASTWARE group operates across 2 continents - Europe and Asia - with 330 employees on the payroll. Our trade, which ranges from designing products and packaging products to delivering them to retail outlets, is centred around Fasteners (screws, bolts, nails, etc.) and fittings (furniture Hardware, flat angle brackets, runners, hooks, etc.). More generally, we provide a full range of home and DIY essentials.

Quincaillerie Vynex

Specialist in Hardware fittings for sale in DIY superstores

Produits de bricolage Tréfilaction

Specialist in DIY products for sale in supermarkets

Tréfilerie (visserie) Vynex

Specialist in Fasteners for professional distribution

Our expertise lies in our ability to simplify things which might seem horribly complicated to our clients and customers. We have 25,000 different small products in stock. The majority of these have supply timeframes of more than 4 months, and in many cases, there is extreme retail variability. Most of our products also have a low unitary value but high logistical costs (transport, storage, order preparation, etc.). This work requires attention to detail and precision.

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The VT FASTWARE group is made up of 3 operating companies:

logo vynex

A subsidiary based in Ardennes (08) for more than 100 years, specialises in Fasteners (screws, nails, bolts, etc.) and furniture Hardware for sale in DIY shops, hardware shops and industrial suppliers, as well as sales to the trade.

A subsidiary based in Gard (30), specialises in home and DIY essentials (hardware, electrical accessories, tools, plumbing, etc.) for sale in supermarkets.
ftv asia

A subsidiary based in Hong Kong, specialises in “sourcing” and coordination for our packaging centres in China, Vietnam and Taiwan. They have three establishments. The packaging centres in Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam) and Haiyan (China) belong to the VT Fastware group.
Management cadre - Direction VTF

Managed by the company’s executives

Since 30th November 2017, the capital of the VT FASTWARE group, formerly TREFILACTION, has been held by the company’s executives.

Vynex, Tréfilaction: A story for more than 100 years

The longevity and the success of the group’s subsidiaries can’t be explained by isolated stories plucked from the archives.

Rather, it is only through the dedication of the group’s employees that it has been able to advance year after year. Our current context is very far removed from those companies that were set up more than 100 years ago at the end of the First World War. Everything has changed, from products and clients to trades and ways of working.  But deep down, the reality is still the same. The group has always shown itself capable of identifying the challenges of its era, making small day-to-day improvements and handling major changes in course when required by the circumstances.