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Reorganization of a workstation to reduce accidents!

Réorganisation d'un poste de travail - Convoyeur Vynex

Vynex is rethinking the organization of a workstation (conveyor exit / palletizing) to reduce some of the physical constraints and reduce musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs).

Vynex is the driving force behind a group – VT Fastware – which operates on 2 continents, Europe and Asia, with 330 employees. She therefore knows that the permanent involvement of the women and men who compose her keeps her going day by day. It is its employees who make it grow and develop.

This is why the health of its employees is important and thus strives to improve their working conditions for each of them. Vynex has opted for the TMS PRO approach and is committed to a prevention approach.

An inventory has been drawn up on the following points:

  • Recognized occupational diseases;
  • Work accidents related to manual handling;
  • Medical restrictions;
  • Absenteeism …

Priorities have thus been put in place, including the “conveyor exit” station.

Look at the image, the transformations made:

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