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Suki group acquires VT Fastware (VTF)

Suki group (, Facido, DBM.S) acquires the French group VT Fastware (Vynex, Tréfilaction, FTV-Asia).

Both, suki group and VTF, are active in the distribution of DIY products (hardware in a wider context, hand tools, self-adhesives and other DIY essentials). The two groups share common values and visions of the challenges and future opportunities in their markets.

Sebastian Laus, CEO of suki group: “I’m happy to welcome VTF in the growing suki group. The acquisition of VTF is a unique opportunity for the future of the two groups. Together, we will even be better able to serve our customers in different regions and sales channels”

Hervé Hacot, CEO of VTF: “The DIY market is becoming increasingly global and more and more complex with new skills to be developed to meet increasing demands. With suki group we found the ideal and fully complementary partner in Europe, geographically and in terms of product ranges, with hardware as a common point. In all other ranges we will be able to take advantage of our individual skills.”

Above all, suki group strongly supports the industrial relocation project initiated by Vynex and this should become a major accelerator for the group. Sebastian Laus: “We are excited to become through VTF’s initiative producers of high-quality woodscrews ‘made in Europe’”.

For Vynex, this is a major opportunity to further strengthen its ROCKET® brand, the main brand of technical wood screws for the building and renovation industry in France. This prospect of international sales development will help to consolidate the industrial relocation plan in France and consequently to increase the volumes produced in the Ardennes through growth. Herve Hacot: “Together, we are eager to distribute ROCKET® through suki’s European wide structures and subsidiaries.”

Additionally, suki group business units Facido (multichannel provider for many innovative DIY manufacturers of decoration, flooring and sanitary ranges) as well as DBM.S (Merchandising organisation in many European countries) will deliver further synergies and opportunities.

Finally, VTF’s packing centres in China and Vietnam will of course offer their services to suki group; more generally, a sharing of suppliers in Asia will allow to improve the management of the supply chain of both groups.

For obvious reasons of complementarity, all existing activities and sites of VTF and suki group will be preserved; no reduction or contraction of activities is envisaged. suki group and VTF wish to further strengthen their development and innovation resources. “The grouping of our companies will enable us to pool and extend our efforts in marketing and purchasing.” says Sebastian Laus.

The management team of VTF will remain in place in its entirety and work jointly together with the suki group board; Hervé Hacot will remain CEO of Vynex and Tréfilaction, Sebastian Laus is the CEO of the enlarged suki group.

About VT Fastware group (VTF)


VTF is based in Thelonne in north-east of France at the premises of Vynex founded more than 100 years ago. Tréfilaction is based near Nîmes in the South of France; the VTF group has a trading organisation, packaging centres and logistical premises in Asia (China and Vietnam).

With a team of 300 people (France + Asia), VTF has a turnover of 85 Mio. Euro, mainly in France. VTF is the leading French provider of product solutions, merchandise presentation as well as logistics and in store services for DIY stores, supermarkets and professional hardware stores (Builder’s merchants). VTF distributes its own brands and manages private labels for some of its customers; Vynex owns ROCKET®, the main brand of technical screws for the building and renovation industry in France.

Vynex is currently setting up an industrial plant in the Ardennes to partially reshore the manufacturing of wood screws (ROCKET®) to France. This project benefits from financial support from the French state and the French Grand Est region.

VTF has been owned since the end of 2017 by its management team.

About SUKI group

For over 70 years, the suki group has been one of the leading European providers of product solutions, merchandise presentation as well as logistics and services for various forms of European trade.

The focus is on the home improvement and craftsmen sectors. International sales offices guarantee the highest level of service in over 40 countries. The suki group employs more than 650 people and generates a turnover of > 200 Mio. Euro.

The business model is based on three pillars: suki offers assortment solutions for hardware, hand tools and self-adhesive products for DIY and home improvement as well as specialist retailers. Facido is a specialist in trade logistics for innovative suppliers, both for their online business and for stationary trade. DBM.S provides POS and merchandising services for the sukigroup and many other partners throughout Europe.

The suki business model is modular, flexible and able to adapt to all customer needs. This ensures individual, tailor-made solutions. The brand portfolio ranges from own brands, suki, fix-o-moll and MagnoDur, to integrated manufacturer brands as well as retailers’ own brands.

Suki group is a member of the Serafin diversified industrial group of companies, whose family philosophy of entrepreneurial tradition dates back more than 150 years. Serafin generates with this new acquisition an annual turnover of approximately 1 billion Euro with 4.500 employees. Serafin is a long-term shareholder, without outside investors and therefore no “market pressure” and no objective to sell its assets.

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